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The MICHÁLEK s.r.o. company was established in 1995 as a machine shop with 6 employees manufacturing on order. Over the year, the company has experienced a dynamic development and expanded to a medium-sized firm employing 60 people. Apart from standard engineering production, we now also deliver complete units in the area of ski lifts, cable transport and toboggan runs.

Company premises

The company production facilities can be found in the industrial area of Chrudim (former Transporta factory premises) where heavy industrial products are manufactured. Two main production shops are furnished with overhead travelling cranes which have a capacity of up to 12.5 tons. There are also  shops for manufacturing from stainless steel, material cutting, a storage bay for tools and a bay for surface treatment of products. The factory is equipped for machining large-scale and heavy segments.   
Open spaces between the buildings enable material loading and unloading, dispatching and storing goods.
There is a
modern office building.


The core of our company production is custom manufacturing to the specifications of both domestic and foreign clients.
The range of custom made products is wide in sense of sizes, models or used materials. We make large, medium and small-size weldments, workpieces as well as final products from common structural steel, stainless materials and also aluminium alloys.
We are able to  surface treat and finish a variety of products by painting, metal coating or spraying, hot-dip galvanizing and the like. Depending on our client’s requirements, we can also assemble units (partially or completely) in the workshop or on site.
Our clients include domestic companies and also companies from abroad, within and outside the EU.

Ski lifts

The company has been producing ski lifts according to its own designs, since 1997. We offer a full-range assortment of ski lifts, including lifts for children with low rope lines (Kindle), single-person  platter ski lifts (SINGLE) and two-person T-bar lifts  up to the output of  110kW (DOUBLE and DOUBLE MAX).Our ski lifts have a modern design and, naturally, meet all the European safety standards. They are all highly reliable. This is reflected in many implemented orders in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania.
We provide a good
service to installed ski lifts and a great range of spare parts not only for our ski lifts but also for ski lifts of other brands.
We also offer engineering and electrical inspections and overhauls.

Cableway systems

Just as ski lifts, aerial lifts fall in the class of cable transport. They involve a great variety of different transport equipment, most of all  passenger aerial lifts – chairlifts and gondolas – and also surface lifts, city cable cars, freight cable transport and special cable transport.
Our company builds refurbished cableways.  This is a comprehensive service, which involves searching for a suitable cable transport, preparing the design documentation, refurbishing and erection work, as well as helping to deal with laws and rules concerning the commissioning of the cableway.   Currently we are developing our own fixed-grip chairlift.
The company also designs and builds
special cableways to carry loads up to castles, chateaux or other elevated places.
In 2010, our company entered into
cooperation with the Swiss manufacturer Bartholet Maschinebau AG, Flums in comprehensive deliveries of new aerial cableway systems. Thanks to this cooperation, our company is able to deliver any type of cableways – fixed grip or detachable chairlifts, gondola lifts (continuous) or cable cars (shuttling back and forth), funitels, surface lifts, and the like.

Brandauer toboggan systems

We are a sole representative of the Austrian Brandauer GmbH, Russbach manufacturing company for deliveries of attractive toboggan systems in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Our cooperation started in 2002 and we have executed a number of notable orders.  The structure is a single pipe system, and is one of the safest products in the world. The system technical design enables all-year-round safe operation.  You can get to the toboggan starting point by a special conveyor or a T-bar lift with high rope line, or by means of a gondola.


In 1997, the company launched its own production programme – the manufacture of cable transport equipment. The company’s own designing department started to work and then the first T-bar ski lift was introduced. Over the years, the offer has expanded to the current four types of ski lifts.
It is a matter-of-course that we provide services and technical assistance in the construction and erection of new installations, adjustments of existing ones (prolonging the line, increasing the carrying capacity, and more) or in refurbishing second-hand installations (inspecting the lift, assessing its technical condition, assessing the extent of necessary work, selecting a new route, preparing proposals, draft drawings and paperwork for the planning process, etc.). This offer covers all types of ski lifts and chairlifts.
Our design department is also ready to prepare production drawings of machinery and finished products in digital form.  

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