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The MICHÁLEK s.r.o. company delivers and erects summer toboggan systems as a trade representative of the  Brandauer GmbH, Austria, company for the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Technical description

The toboggan system consists of the actual run, including a self-supporting pipe and supports,  toboggans and a system to return toboggans to the top station.  It also includes necessary information and safety system.
Passenger boarding platform can be at the bottom and the rider is first transported up before taking the ride, or at the top where the passenger first takes a ride and then is transported in the toboggan back to the top. 
The up- and down- run makes a closed-in system. A toboggan is only removed from the run for maintenance.

Run diagram

Downhill run

The  BRANDAUER toboggan system is made of an aluminium round Ø 150 pipe with welded-on guiding and braking sections. The rail is installed close to the ground. It is supported by  a hot-dip galvanized steel construction sitting on anchoring plates, fixed in by pegs.  No concrete base is necessary. The run copies the terrain and has straight sections and inclined bends. The pipes need to be placed in a gradient of at least 7% to get toboggans moving. The track’s protective zone (the distance from trees, bushes, banks, the edge of the runway and other obstacles) is at least 3 m. At the bottom, the run may be furnished with a brake device, which makes sure that the toboggan does not run onto the alighting area.  


Passengers enjoy a ride on a single-seat toboggan. Children up to the age of 8 should be accompanied by someone aged 15+ and use a double-seat toboggan furnished with a double safety belt.
The toboggan’s welded frame structure is made of aluminium with a plastic polyethylene shell. All the castor, spring-loaded brake and gate brake brackets are made of cast aluminium.   All bolts and screws are made of galvanized steel or stainless steel. At the bottom of the toboggan are 4 supporting run rollers, 4 leading sheaves , 2 brakes and 4 securing rollers. This keeps the toboggan safely on the track. The toboggan has three independent braking systems a spring-loaded brake, which is always activated and is released by pressing the brake lever forward, a lever brake, which is activated by pulling the lever towards you, and a centrifugal brake, which is seated in the run rollers and is activated whenever the speed exceeds 10 m/s.
Riders are strapped in the toboggan with a safety belt.

The run  - transporting toboggans uphill

Existing skiing devices, such as ski lifts, gondolas or chairlifts, can be employed in summer to take toboggans uphill. Another possibility is a special cable conveyor. 
Ski lift transport. Without any extra costs, a ski lift may be adapted to take toboggans up the mountain. At the bottom terminal, the tow bar is hooked onto toboggan, which is then automatically released at the top.
Gondola transport. Toboggans can be easily transported in gondolas with the help of a specially made transport trolley. Transport trolleys are custom made to suit the gondola type.
Chairlift transport. It is possible to hang toboggans onto the chairs and take them off at the top.  We will be happy to work out for you a customized solution involving special carriers or attachments.
Special cable conveyor. The conveyor runs along the track. In the valley at the bottom, the toboggan’s clamping device is automatically attached to the cable and is dragged uphill. At the top it is automatically released.


KASTE ski area, Petříkov, Jeseníky - length of toboggan run  763 m, of this 456 m downhill and 307 m uphill,  run elevation difference 99 m, number of toboggans 25, transport to the top terminal by ski lift
• Žiarce FUN park, Pavčina Lehota, Nízké Tatry, SK - length of toboggan run  931 m, of this 562 m downhill and 369 m uphill,  run elevation difference 118 m, number of toboggans 35, transport to the top terminal by ski lift
Bachledka Ski & Sun resort, Bachledova Dolina, Ždiar, SK - length of toboggan run  1024 m, of this 576 m downhill and 448 m uphill,  run elevation difference 111 m, number of toboggans 32, transport to the top terminal by a special conveyor



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